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McXtract, Multi-columns text extraction

Release 3.44 for 32-bits, Download it if wanted. This new release can create.DBF files.

(a 16-bits release 1.8 is also available)

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McXtract is a program which allows to extract fields from a text file, and to prepare the import of a text file to a worksheet or a database.

It can be very useful when have to repeat this operation evenly, because the fields definition used to prepare the extraction can be saved into a file, and therefore be recalled as wanted.

Take a text-formatted text file... a big one...

Imagine you have to analyze, in 5 fields between columns 250 and 290, for all its 7500 records...

The opening of that file with a worksheet or database manager can take a long time.

McXtract can extract those data and makes you save a lot of time: your selected fields are stored into a new text file; each of them is separated with a semicolon (the separator can be customized in the registered version). The names of the fields can be optionally added on the top of the result file.

This program is also very useful to extract and analyze a single field in the text input file.

So this small disk-spacing tool can save quite a lot of time for text-files analysis.

Here are some cases of use the McXtract program

This a screen shot of McXtract main screen... Click on this picture to enlarge it.

This is the main window: here are entered the input and output files (click to see full size)

When calling the input file, several ways of loading the display are possible.

Following instruction to load the imput file for displaying (click to enlarge).

A direct viewing of the input file is possible

The input file can be viewed for control (click to enlarge).

A rule can be inserted on display on the input file (no incidence to the result), which can make positioning easier.

The inserted rule fits with the lines length (click to enlarge).

Take a look of the fields definition screen

This is the delimiter, i.e. the fields definition window (click to enlarge).

Both input file and field definition can be displayed automatically

At a glance, both input and delimiter (click to enlarge).

And finally, a view of the results

After processing, the output file can be viewed (click to enlarge).

New! After having generated the output file, a .DBF dBase compliant file can be created.

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