Here are some cases in which McXtract was very useful:

Optimizing time for a SAP report

One upon a time, a report from SAP data had to be made for a one-shot feeding of a PC interface. This report had to retrieve data from all the vendors, make a list and create an output file.

After a first run, it appeared that the information was exact, but incomplete, and the end-user wished to have additional information (about the vendors like addresses data) in the generated output file.

But the elapsed run time of that report was huge, because all vendors were to be selected, although a few of them were concerned in the output results.

Fortunately, the vendor codes were already in the first generated output file: with McXtract, it was possible to get the vendors list, in order to put it in the selection parameter of the SAP report, and to make it run quicker. It had been processed as follows:

The first run of the SAP report took 90 minutes. After that McXtract intervention, the second lasted only 12 minutes, and the end-user had his additional information.

If any question about this case, you can mail to me.

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Sending secure information about a .VBS virus script

A teammate of mine wished to obtain information about a .VBS virus script which was just mailed to me. Fortunately, I did not open that VBS attachment, so my system was not infected by the virus call by running that script.

But my teammate, who also knows Visual Basic Script, wanted to study that code; I had to e-mail an attachment to him without any risk.

So, to prevent any malfunction, I followed these steps:

The VIRUS.XTR.TXT attachment was then sent, without any damage

If any question about this case, you can mail to me.

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