The UGLY PRINTER program icon

The UGLY PRINTER - small interface to reset to same case for ABAPs sources

Release 3.0 - FREEWARE - CR 1997-1999.

This small-spaced tool is to set in the same (upper/lower)case the code for ABAPs programs, the comments remain as they were.

The source program as set in P.C. can look like this.

A source text as downloaded or typed directly on P.C.

After loading, a preview with UGLY PRINTER

The program window

Uppercasing is useful in R/2 systems: with some emulators, uploading lowercase code can generate errors.

Do not hesitate to mail to me if you have any question

The install file is named IUGL.ZIP ; it is a zip-compressed file. The UGLYPR.EXE program file can be directly extracted for a manual install.

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