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TextDow, Windows <-> Dos text files conversion

32-bits New Release 3.12, download it if wanted.

New! Free temporary registration available.

(a 2.2 release exists for 16-bits)

TextDow is a ShareWare, by registering it, you give the product its good luck!

TextDow is a program which allows to achieve a very quick conversion for text files from DOS format to WINDOWS, and vice versa.

Take an old DOS text-file... Imagine that you have got a lot of comments written in non-English text. So you have a lot of: accents (French); dieresis (German); tilde (Spanish); and so on... As typed on DOS-mode, it looks like this:

Old DOS file as display with the TYPE command

All those special characters are interpreted differently in DOS and in Windows (even with Windows 95...). So a DOS-generated text opened with notepad looks like this:

The same file open with Notepad

This conversion can surely be made in all the known word-processors, but TextDow gives you a short conversion way which is very useful as far as you do not need to put the text in a word-processor format, and this conversion is very quick even with big files. Take a look at TextDow's screen:

TextDow main window

(TextDow of course can convert a Windows text file into a DOS text file).

And now, look at the converted file: as you see, happiness is here again:

Happiness is here again

Please notice: TextDow 3.0 is BILINGUAL: English and French.

Please notice again: TextDow can be run with parameters:

tdw32 /filein /fileout /mode /r

filein - input file

fileout - output file

mode - w for dos-to-windows, d for windows-to-dos

r - if the program is to be automatically closed after generation

for example: tdw32 /expledos.txt /expledos.cvt.txt /w /r

Do not fear to E-Mail me if you have any questions

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