TheDisks, floppies manager

Release: 4.0

Imagine you have some diskettes, more than some... 10... 50... 150... 500... It is easy to realize that you need a tool to manage them...

THEDISKS proposes a good way of management of your floppies, giving each of them the following informations: number, "files names" field, "types of files" field, capacity, available space, the contents of the diskette.

All of these data are placed in each record, the only obligation left is to write a number on the floppy sticker.

Each record is displayed on the main window:

This the main window of TheDisks

The following screen is for the dataset settings: it allows a good-fit measure and a good management of the remaining capacities:

Here, choose the count unit, and the minimum to take to calculate available space

A partial selection of data can be made:

Window for entering limitation values for partial selection


You know that you can get more and more diskettes managers programs, and I do not pretend that TheDisks is the most high-performance in the West (and the East) of the Pecos River. But TheDisks is cheap (...), very self-understandable, and the data you need can be entered very quickly and easily. At last, TheDisks takes a very small disk space...

Please notice: TheDisks and its help file are BILINGUAL: English and French.

Do not fear to E-Mail me if you have any questions

The link below is to achieve a 'light' setup of TheDisks: the program requires the Borland Database Engine (BDE) to work correctly; be sure you have it already in your system...

(light setup).

You can register here! please notice regnet id# 3481